Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working On My Fitness

"I be working on my fitness!" 

To begin this week I will begin stating the immortal words of Fergie..."I be working on my fitness!"

       Well, I have been in progress of my journey to a healthier me since last summer ('10) and I am now beginning to see the results and the progress of my endurance. I thought I would quit several times and go back to the one meal per day diet because, of course, I thought it was the best way to lose weight. I actually learned it is the worst way to lose weight and it caused my body to react in a negative way. It caused my body to think it was starving, hence, creating a starvation a result...instead of weight loss...weight gain occurs. So that is something to think about!

Back to fitness...
Since it has been extremely cold lately I have opted for the Wii in my home when I am tired of the Wii I opt for my stereo turn it on and "Just Dance." I love to dance, I don't care if my dance moves are  dated circa 1990s, I just love to move, dancing alone and not a care in the world. Something I have thought about is taking a Zumba class, I know, I am so behind on the Zumba trend, but I thought it was all hype when it first began. It looks fun and I love to dance and learn African, Caribbean, and Latino dances, so that is at least 2 of the 3 for me. I am still researching gyms and actually have begun to take a self-guided tour through some of the facilities in my town but I have not found any to my liking, I sure wished a Curves or a Ladies gym with weight machines or resistance machines were here...there is a town that is an hour away from me that has them but driving an hour one way and another hour the other way...gas is now 3.03 where I live and I am not happy about driving 1 hour one way and using gas. 
So...for the time being.. Wii it is!
I love to go walking or jogging at our local high school track but this winter has been cold and to me harsh because I am a cold natured and I need warmth!
I long for spring like weather, at least weather I can walk in without freezing my hands, face, and my eyes. Burrrr!!!!! 

Eating well...
 I eat 3 portioned sized homemade meals per day, watching my intake of sugars, fats, and preservatives. I eat 2 snacks and usually some think like dried fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, trail mix, and non-butter or sugar popcorn. I substitute meat at least twice the week by eating "Boca Burgers or Boca Chikin."
I am not the type of person who likes sweets or alcohol so that is not a problem. I take sweets by spells, I may go 3-6 months and not have a craving for anything sweet, usually if someone in the office or at church has  cake, I will eat one small piece but that is it for me. I usually crave fresh fruits, fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapples, and cranberries. I love watermelon, cantaloupe, and dew melon, and these fruits crave my appetite for a sweet tooth if it ever desires though. Salad is another favorite that I indulge in with a Raspberry vinaigrette dressing, I said good-bye to my favorite comfort food...a.k.a...Ranch Dressing a year ago but I allow my self 1 small fingerprint sized cheat minute of Ranch Dressing at least once in a month's time. On rare occasions, I will have 1/2 a glass of Merlot wine with my dinner but like I said that is a rare occasion. I usually drink 100% grape juice, apple juice, or Cranberry, Cranberry/Blueberry juice from Great Value or Ocean's Spray.  I drink plenty of water, so much I think I may float away or swim like a fish, lol, but we all know water is the source of life and it is good for our bodies! I eliminated bread because I am not much of a bread person, although, if I am at a formal dinner, I will indulge in a roll.
I have added a lot of veggies both fresh and frozen to my diet, eliminating canned vegetables due to their high sodium. I have learned how to make vegetarian chili w/o beans and it is so good! If you want the recipe please email me!!:

Until next time!!!!
Peace, Love yourself, and always know you are beautiful!

Beautifully Human

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