Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working On My Fitness

"I be working on my fitness!" 

To begin this week I will begin stating the immortal words of Fergie..."I be working on my fitness!"

       Well, I have been in progress of my journey to a healthier me since last summer ('10) and I am now beginning to see the results and the progress of my endurance. I thought I would quit several times and go back to the one meal per day diet because, of course, I thought it was the best way to lose weight. I actually learned it is the worst way to lose weight and it caused my body to react in a negative way. It caused my body to think it was starving, hence, creating a starvation a result...instead of weight loss...weight gain occurs. So that is something to think about!

Back to fitness...
Since it has been extremely cold lately I have opted for the Wii in my home when I am tired of the Wii I opt for my stereo turn it on and "Just Dance." I love to dance, I don't care if my dance moves are  dated circa 1990s, I just love to move, dancing alone and not a care in the world. Something I have thought about is taking a Zumba class, I know, I am so behind on the Zumba trend, but I thought it was all hype when it first began. It looks fun and I love to dance and learn African, Caribbean, and Latino dances, so that is at least 2 of the 3 for me. I am still researching gyms and actually have begun to take a self-guided tour through some of the facilities in my town but I have not found any to my liking, I sure wished a Curves or a Ladies gym with weight machines or resistance machines were here...there is a town that is an hour away from me that has them but driving an hour one way and another hour the other way...gas is now 3.03 where I live and I am not happy about driving 1 hour one way and using gas. 
So...for the time being.. Wii it is!
I love to go walking or jogging at our local high school track but this winter has been cold and to me harsh because I am a cold natured and I need warmth!
I long for spring like weather, at least weather I can walk in without freezing my hands, face, and my eyes. Burrrr!!!!! 

Eating well...
 I eat 3 portioned sized homemade meals per day, watching my intake of sugars, fats, and preservatives. I eat 2 snacks and usually some think like dried fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, trail mix, and non-butter or sugar popcorn. I substitute meat at least twice the week by eating "Boca Burgers or Boca Chikin."
I am not the type of person who likes sweets or alcohol so that is not a problem. I take sweets by spells, I may go 3-6 months and not have a craving for anything sweet, usually if someone in the office or at church has  cake, I will eat one small piece but that is it for me. I usually crave fresh fruits, fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapples, and cranberries. I love watermelon, cantaloupe, and dew melon, and these fruits crave my appetite for a sweet tooth if it ever desires though. Salad is another favorite that I indulge in with a Raspberry vinaigrette dressing, I said good-bye to my favorite comfort food...a.k.a...Ranch Dressing a year ago but I allow my self 1 small fingerprint sized cheat minute of Ranch Dressing at least once in a month's time. On rare occasions, I will have 1/2 a glass of Merlot wine with my dinner but like I said that is a rare occasion. I usually drink 100% grape juice, apple juice, or Cranberry, Cranberry/Blueberry juice from Great Value or Ocean's Spray.  I drink plenty of water, so much I think I may float away or swim like a fish, lol, but we all know water is the source of life and it is good for our bodies! I eliminated bread because I am not much of a bread person, although, if I am at a formal dinner, I will indulge in a roll.
I have added a lot of veggies both fresh and frozen to my diet, eliminating canned vegetables due to their high sodium. I have learned how to make vegetarian chili w/o beans and it is so good! If you want the recipe please email me!!:

Until next time!!!!
Peace, Love yourself, and always know you are beautiful!

Beautifully Human

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 month...1 new look...update

Over the past month, I have dedicated my time to acting upon my promise of a physical fit and not creating another new year's resolution that cannot anchor a boat. I see it as change, as a woman who is on a mission and why not begin a mission with prayer?

Prayer does change things and if it were not so, God's word would return void, and those of us who are true believers, well, there is no no need to dispute it. God is real! ;-)

The best thing about the past month is actually studying the word of God more and allowing him to soothe me and to teach me his way. I learned to trust in him more as I began to watch what I ate and portioned my food appropriately. I began to seek God more in my prayer walk and as a result of eating more veggies, cutting all sugars and other harmful preservatives and etc out of my diet for a month...I actually lost 10lbs and for that I am grateful!!! :-) God is such a good God! I have lost 2 dress sizes and 1 size in my slacks and jeans that was a wonderful relief!

Beautifully Human