Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 month...1 new look...update

Over the past month, I have dedicated my time to acting upon my promise of a physical fit and not creating another new year's resolution that cannot anchor a boat. I see it as change, as a woman who is on a mission and why not begin a mission with prayer?

Prayer does change things and if it were not so, God's word would return void, and those of us who are true believers, well, there is no no need to dispute it. God is real! ;-)

The best thing about the past month is actually studying the word of God more and allowing him to soothe me and to teach me his way. I learned to trust in him more as I began to watch what I ate and portioned my food appropriately. I began to seek God more in my prayer walk and as a result of eating more veggies, cutting all sugars and other harmful preservatives and etc out of my diet for a month...I actually lost 10lbs and for that I am grateful!!! :-) God is such a good God! I have lost 2 dress sizes and 1 size in my slacks and jeans that was a wonderful relief!

Beautifully Human

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